#Pulwama When 40 died and 4 were injured Imagine the hate those handful had To ram a car full of explosives In an unknown convoy with arms #Pulwama When the nation was rattled And the families cried For their loved ones lost And the brave souls that laid their lives #Pulwama When the people came... Continue Reading →



When the sacrificial fire calmed And the crowd cheered their Prince She stumbled out of the flames With a smile on her lips Her skin the shade of dusk And eyes wide with admire She clutched the Prince's hand Expecting a love she'd forever desire Spending her days in a stony Palace And passed down... Continue Reading →

My List

Of all the things I miss "Me" is on top of my list The carelessness of innocence And the trust of a heart never broken But then you say that's what growing up is Disappointments and doubts In your mind, constantly crawling about The future, the present and the things never said aloud What confuses... Continue Reading →

With Someone Else

He asked me how life was. Looking at his brown eyes, thinking of all those times they held an image of mine, all I could say was - "Happy with someone else now"

It is okay to not want Adventure.

Life is not just about Diving through the deepest oceans Or Climbing up the tallest mountains Or Travelling the whole world, seeing all one's sight can devour Or Savouring a spotlight for oneself Or Pursuing games that make your heart pump faster Some find their life in Viewing a city from a soaring skyscraper Or... Continue Reading →

And the Rapists would be set Free.

When the whole country is reacting to the brutal rape of an 8-year old girl.. When the people are spitting on the weak judicial system of the country for their delayed actions.. When the politicians are fasting and the NGOs are releasing petitions for change.. Few seem to remember that it is the law in... Continue Reading →

You and I

Because You and I We never had our Goodbyes So maybe You and I Was always just in my mind Even then, for You and I I'd always wonder, why?

One Day..

So maybe one day, when we're older, And done with the games of youth, Let's bump into each other on a lonely night And recreate our story, with a happy ending, this time.

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